About Us

About Burton Constructions

Burton Constructions Pty Ltd has operated within the Riverina Region, based in Wagga Wagga, for the past 37 years, specialising in commercial, industrial and residential construction.

Our experienced staff work with clients to ensure the best outcome in any construction project. We aim to complete works on time and budget. Client satisfaction is the key to success.

It is our aim to work in harmony with our clients and their representatives, in order that we best understand the needs of each individual client in relation to each specific project undertaken. We endeavour to keep the best interests of the client in mind and understands that early recognition of any problems arising can save both time and money, and alternatives have regularly been offered.

In past performance, projects have been completed within the time frame provided, and with amicable relations between all parties concerned. This project would be managed competently and completed according to the building schedule within our control. We have Management Systems in place to safely and efficiently bring the project at hand to completion.

We have the ability to efficiently manage construction projects, which evolves from the internal organisation of the company by key personnel and by competent team management. It is the role of key personnel to ensure orders are completed and submitted to allow supplies to arrive on time as well as site organisation and coordination of sub-contractors. Our key personnel have extensive experience in building construction, and we have a vast range of Subcontractors we deal with on a regular basis. Employment of necessary staff will take place to ensure the project has maximum attention at all times during the construction period.

Finally, Burton Constructions Pty Ltd is a financially secure and professionally organised construction company. Burton Constructions Pty Ltd has the capacity of both resources and finance to carry out any project.


Construction Manager / Director
•  44 + years of building industry experience
• Fellow member of Australian Institute Quantity Surveyors


Managing Director / Project Manager
• 20 + years building industry experience
• Carpentry and Joinery – Stage 3

Management & Quality Assurance

Cost Control, Time and Program Control and Industrial Relations Control

The Project Manager is responsible for the overall management of Burton Constructions Pty Ltd to achieve the objectives of reputation, quality, time, cost, safety, integrity, conformity and industrial relations, as set by the Company.

The Project Manager has the authority, within the limits delegated by the Company, to implement systems to achieve the goals set.

It is the aim of Burton Constructions to provide quality workmanship at all times. This aim will be achieved through competent and responsible management at both office and site levels.

Time and cost are part of Burton Constructions management system, where Project Manager in conjunction with the Site Supervisor ensure all time, cost and quality is kept within the budgets and meet the clients requirements.

Site management will co-ordinate orders of materials, suppliers and deliveries, and subcontractors to ensure program is adhered to. Burton Constructions employees are focused to the project at hand and will ensure that whatever time and effort is required to run the project efficiently and on time, will be done.

Burton Constructions have a record of completing jobs with the time frame and budget.

Burton Constructions adhere to rules and regulations relating to workplace safety and work practices at all times. All workers on site are informed of Safety Management Plan. All personnel entering our site must be safety inducted on site.

Burton constructions have a Safety Management Plan in place.

Burton constructions have no history of Industrial Relations problems.

WH&S Management and Quality Control System

Burton Constructions Pty Ltd is fully WH&S Accredited to the following Australian Standards:

AS/NZS ISO 9001:2016 Quality Management System
AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
AS/NZS ISO 14001:2016 Environmental Management System
Compliant with NSW Government WHS Management Systems and Auditing Guidelines Edition 5 – September 2013

Attached is Burton Constructions Pty Ltd Safety Management System summary for Occupational Health and Safety, Quality Assurance and Environmental Management which is currently being implemented on sites. Several of our projects have undergone internal and external audits in conjunction with our fully certified WH&S Management accreditation.

Further to that, Burton Constructions has always operated under a safety management plan on every project that we have worked on which gives us vast knowledge of WHS procedures and safety management. This is indicated in the fact that Burton Constructions has never have any judgements or issues with subcontractors or employees and maintains an impeccable safety record.

Both Howard Burton and Matthew Burton have been involved in the WHS Management of Burton Constructions, being responsible for the health and safety, inductions etc on each project completed. Burton Constructions has a full WHS Management Accreditation. This has only served to add to the experience of these key personnel. Burton Constructions office staff has also been involved in the accreditation adding additional support to the onsite staff. Each employee, subcontractor and visitor to any job sites are given full site inductions and no subcontractor contracted to do work for Burton Constructions is allowed to commence work on site until they have filled in the relevant paperwork including details of their own WHS details, copies of whitecards, insurance and workers compensation details (copies of which are kept on site in the site office). Regular toolbox meetings are carried out with any issues raised being attended to immediately to ensure safety at all times. Each site has safety signage clearly viable for all site visitors, employees and subcontractors.